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I am currently an elementary school teacher and, I am hoping to make the plunge into the world of Instructional systems design.  This is a new concept for me, but I have already seen some similarities in instructional delivery.   Whether we are teaching children or adults we all strive to meet our students’ needs, we want instruction to focus on learning, and to use assessments to inform and motivate our students. I need as much help, information and, resources that I can find to ensure success in this field. I reviewed several blogs and found three that I think will do the job.

The first blog is called “The eLearning coach” .  Connie Malamed, the author is a veteran eLearning, information and visual designer with a masters’ degree in Instruction Design & Technology.  On her blog, she shares strategies, a variety of practical information and tips, product reviews and resources to help people like me understand online learning. I believe this site will be useful throughout this masters program and in future, because it offers insight on issues and trends in the field of Instructional design. I could use this site in the future to connect with Connie to answer questions I might face in my new profession.

The second blog site is called “Langevin”  This site offers ongoing training, how- to articles and tips for instructional design professional s.  They offer workshop and products for trainers.  Users can make comments or offer their own how-to contribution. This is also a site that can be used in the future as a resource for future training.

The third site is called “The Rapid eLearning” .   T he site offers practical real world tips for elearning success.  This site offers a elearning community (chat area).  I like this site because it offer  step – by- step tutorials for building better  courses, answers to elearning questions, advice and opinion for industry experts and free downloads for projects.  Most of all it offers the opportunity to stay connected with people in the Instructional design profession. 

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