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Analyzing Scope Creep

 When family members are scattered all over the country and even the world, family reunions are playing an important role in bringing everyone together in one place. Family reunion give families a chance to reconnect and make new memories. In … Continue reading

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Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources: Helpful Resources

One resource that I found very helpful is the MS Project software that could be used to easily enter each task, its duration and the associated resources for any project. This Project management software enables Project Team Members to manage … Continue reading

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The Art of Effective Communication

“The Art of Effective Communication,” observing a piece of communication in three different modalities. We are constantly sending  messages, to include the ones we to intend to send, the ones we actually send, the message as the receiver  interprets it; … Continue reading

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Project Post-Mortem

  A couple years ago, as a lead special education teacher, I was ask to develop training on the intervention process for the entire teaching staff. Our administrator and the special education team members realized that the general education teacher … Continue reading

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Perceptions of distance learning in the future

Distance Learning perceptions in the future Distance education is now a common component in most higher education institution today. It has changed from an anomaly to what is expected of all educational institutions.  Colleges and university are realizing the profitability … Continue reading

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A facilitator’s Guide to converting a face-to-face course to blended course

Introduction Converting a traditional face-to-face course to a blended learning environment may seem as simple as transferring the documents used in the original course to an online platform.  The truth is, distance learning instructional strategies and methods are quite different … Continue reading

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The Impact of Open Source

Open Yale Courses: A free open website offering a number of introductory courses taught by Yale University professors.   I chose one of the open Yale course, titled, Africa American History; from emancipation to present.  Clearly the university did not … Continue reading

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